Energy Asset Portfolio Management
Energy Asset Third Party Investment
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EnergyWise Partners is a financial services technology company enabling
solar & renewable energy investors to value, track and manage energy assets.
Heat is fundamental,
why shouldn't it be
easy to value?
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Have you looked at including renewable
technologies into your projects, but see
them only as additional capital cost?

Our portfolio management platform lets
you design, evaluate and manage
renewable energy assets. Creating long
term revenues from solar electric
generating capacity.

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operations & maintenance
Fund Managers
We provide the internal infrastructure for  
your growing portfolios of energy assets.

Our platform helps achieve predicted
financial returns and reduce risk through
financial forecasting. Measuring and
tracking revenue from 3rd part contracts
(e.g. PPAs) and by supporting efficient
Operations & Maintenance (O&M).

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Renewable Energy Platform

Energy Asset and Solar PV Securitization
Looking for a white-label or prepackaged solution to PPA or leasing structure to market
residential and small scale renewable energy systems. Learn about our